About Us

HMSA is an independent
and privately owned group


Founded in 2013 by a small team of seasoned experts in wealth planning, HMSA is today regulated in Switzerland, UK and Hong Kong. True to our roots, we have carried the Swiss quality label across our developing international network. Our role is to design and implement compliant, cost-effective, and resilient structures to protect and enhance heritage.


We work closely with corporate clients, entrepreneurs, business owners, high-net-worth individuals, and their families, who consult us for our expertise, professionalism and reliability.


We value perseverance and transparency. We are willing to go above and beyond to maintain our executive relationship with our clients. No matter how cumbersome, complex, and challenging a client’s need may be, HMSA will work until it has been met.


Member Of an International Network

HMSA is a proud member of the Trust Allies, a unique partnership with two other trust companies giving our clients access to trusted experts across all the major global financial centres. The Trust Allies services are genuine, personal, and connected, both locally and internationally, offering a real alternative to large business service providers.

Compliance and Regulation

Our compliance procedures, systems and reporting are managed through a formal process, supervised, and controlled at senior level. HMSA Group is fully committed to meeting its obligations under the laws of regulating international money laundering bodies in the various jurisdictions in which it operates.

HMSA Sàrl in Switzerland is authorized by FINMA to act as trustee under the Swiss Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) and is affiliated with the ”Organisme de Surveillance des Instituts Financiers” (OSIF).

OSIF has been approved as Supervisory Body under FinIA by the FINMA since July 2020 to carry out its mission of reporting and specific prudential supervision of asset managers and trustees.

HMSA Limited is regulated in the UK by HMRC as a Trust and Corporate Service Provider.

HMSA (HK) Limited is regulated by the Hong Kong Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers as a Trust and Company Service Provider.

Accordingly, we routinely require formal confirmation of the identity and address of our clients and the nature and underlying rationale behind any particular business structure or activity. 

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