Our Services


We are a truly independent fiduciary services provider. We choose the best specialists to work hand-in-hand to generate, secure and preserve your wealth.

This allows us to deliver impartial, independent, and discreet advice to high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and families from around the world.


We assist our clients in the establishment and management of international trusts, companies, and other fiduciary structures to ensure family wealth is preserved and passed on to the next generation in the most flexible, reliable and tax-efficient manner.

As trustees and directors, we invest the time and energy required to establish a genuine understanding of our clients’ objectives and priorities. This enables us to make the correct decisions regarding the management and administration of the assets under our care, successfully meeting the objectives of our fiduciary structures and protecting the interests of all beneficiaries.

Wealth Structuring And Protection

Wealth Structures play a key role in safeguarding assets.

Our wealth plans are carefully designed to improve the efficiency of asset management and administration while ensuring privacy and enhancing taxation efficiency for international business and complex cross-border trusts and estates.

Entrepreneurial Support

International entrepreneurs have an intense rhythm of life, requiring meticulous organisation. HMSA offers back-office services to relieve some of that stress.

We can also work alongside your existing office to provide you with a variety of services aimed at easing the burdens inherent in the management of international businesses.


HMSA provides high-net-worth families with traditional family office and concierge services.  Our clients can draw on our wide expertise, experience, and organisational capability to help them address the increasingly complex management of wealth for high-net-worth individuals and families as well as for other non-financial services. With offices in key financial hubs such as Geneva, London or Hong Kong, HMSA will facilitate the set-up of your family office, provide access to a wide range of external specialists and prompt action you may need across a wide range of disciplines. We are here to help.


Property acquisition, management, and administration are often a wearisome experience fraught with difficulties.

We help our clients with their property investments by providing them with a variety of services to ease that burden and help prevent many of the problems.

Loans, Funding, And Investment

HMSA’s extensive network allows us to select for you or connect you to licensed fund managers, investment advisors and loan providers. We can then use the appropriate financial structures to enable our clients to make the most out of these services.

We do not provide investment advice.

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